For Youth & Families

Our Mission

To empower families and educate youth, caregivers and parents on the impact and consequences of child trauma and how families and providers can work together in therapy to better understand and address traumatic experiences.

CCTASI Consumer Advisory Board

We want to give a special thanks to all members of the CCTASI Consumer Advisory Board at Northwestern University for their creativity and hard work during the inception and development of this webpage. In collaboration with our CCTASI team, the CCTASI Consumer Advisory Board was actively involved in developing the idea for a family webpage from its inception to final product.

NCTSN Youth Task Force

We want to give a special thanks to the volunteer editors from the NCTSN Youth Task Force for reviewing and providing feedback on our family webpage. Their insight provided new ideas and direction to make the webpages as useful and meaningful as possible.

We want your feedback.

With your help, CCTASI can continue to improve our family focused webpages to make them more usable, informative, helpful, and effective to our network of youth and caregivers. Click on the link below to complete the 5 minute, anonymous survey.