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Our Center does not provide direct assessment or treatment to youth or families.

Rather, we develop and provide training and support providers who work directly with youth. The providers we work with include teachers, probation officers, foster parents, residential treatment staff and many more who work with youth every day. Our goal is to provide these important professionals with the trauma-informed knowledge, tools, and practices they need to work most effectively with traumatized youth. To learn more about our work, click on the What We Do tab.

Looking for help for a youth or family? Check out the resources below.

Illinois SPIDER Database

This is a tool developed specifically for finding services for youth in Illinois.

SAMHSA Treatment Finder

You can use this comprehensive database to search for mental health and substance abuse services across the United States.

NCTSN Centers and Locations

Professionals from these sites may be able to provide additional information about trauma-informed assessment, services, and treatment or connect you with someone who does. &

NCTSN Promising Practices

If you are looking for a trauma-informed provider, you may want to look for someone in your area who has expertise in one of these promising trauma-focused practices.

Learn More

On our family-friendly pages of the CCTASI website, we offer definitions, information, videos, and resources to help caregivers and youth understand child trauma and treatment.

We hope these resources are helpful. THANK YOU for advocating for a traumatized youth or family in need. We hope you are able to find the services you need.