“Use of the CANS in Trauma-Informed Treatment and Service Planning” Resource
Adapted from our larger resource “Guidelines for Using the CANS in Trauma-Informed Assessment, Treatment, and Service Planning” (available for download on our website), Dr. Cassandra Kisiel released a concise and comprehensive version of this resource, initially at our CANS-FANS BSC. This 10-page document, titled “Use of the CANS in Trauma-Informed Treatment and Service Planning” is intended to assist clinicians, case work staff, supervisors, and administration in applying the Child and Adolescent Need and Strengths (CANS) tool to trauma-informed treatment and service planning. This document is AVAILABLE NOW on our website under the Resources & Products Tab for free download!
Through visual models, and step-by-step strategies, this 10-page printable resource incorporates information to help you answer the following questions:
  • What is trauma-informed service and treatment planning as informed by CANS-Trauma?
  • How can I used the CANS tool scores in a meaningful way when planning trauma-informed services?
  • What are the recommended steps and strategies for using the CANS in planning treatment and services?
  • How can I incorporate Caregiver CANS scores into trauma-informed treatment and service planning?
We look forward to your feedback on this resource and hope that it helps to support your work with youth and families who have experienced trauma.