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 CANS-Trauma Comprehensive


The Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Trauma Comprehensive is a unique trauma-focused assessment strategy and multi-purpose tool that is comprehensive yet flexible. It is designed to integrate all the information gathered about the child and family in one place, (i.e., other measures, interviews, observations, etc.). The CANS can be used to track client progress over time and it also acts as a helpful “translational” tool for service and treatment planning and family engagement.




CANS-Trauma Resources

The following resources have been created to help service and treatment providers in translating a child's CANS scores into meaningful applications for caregivers, youth, and providers. The resources were designed to highlight information about a child and family's needs and strengths, service planning recommendations and even concrete treatment goals.

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Please note that while the CANS-Trauma is a free access tool, training and certification on the CANS are required for its reliable and valid use in practice. Several versions of the CANS are currently in existence; certification on the CANS-Trauma may not fulfill specific state-mandated training requirements, which can vary across states and jurisdictions. Training and certification may be obtained via our CANS-Trauma Training website (click on the icon to the right) or can be scheduled in-person upon request.

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