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AVAILABLE NOW: Understanding Dissociation

Dissociation is commonly described as a response to complex trauma; yet it can be difficult to accurately identify and effectively respond to for both clinical and non-clinical staff in practice. Difficulties with identification and response to dissociation can occur because education and training about dissociation is more limited and there may be less comfort among providers to be able to accurately identity dissociation and effectively intervene. CCTASI’s “Understanding Dissociation”¬†resources are designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice for clinicians and their supervisors as well as non-clinical providers including teachers and parents/caregivers. Resources include:

  • Understanding Dissociation for Parents and Caregivers
  • Understanding Dissociation for Teachers
  • Understanding Dissociation for Clinians
  • Introduction to Dissociation for Clincians and Supervisors

Click on the link for access to all of the Understanding Dissociation resources.